Memorial School & Center School

East Hampton, CT


Every parent of a Memorial School and/or Center School student, as well as the teachers at both schools are members of the PTO! Joining simply means we will contact you via email to keep you up to date, it does not commit your to attend meetings or participate.


The PTO is made up of volunteers. There are lots of opportunities to help a lot, or just a little, whatever your schedule allows. Any help you can provide will ensure our success and allow us to keep providing the programs and technology our children enjoy!


Your support ensures  our success! Through fundraisers and donations we are able to support a variety of cultural programs, as well as purchase technology. The best way to make a donation is be sending us a check.  We also offer an online donation option through Paypal.

About Us

The East Hampton Elementary PTO is comprised of parents, teachers and administrators for Memorial School and Center School. All parents are welcome to be part of the PTO! We hope you will find our website to be an invaluable resource to stay up to date on PTO activities!